Client Appreciation


Working with Reza over the last few months has been incredibly helpful and changed my perspective on many things in life. Before Reza, I was less in control of my own fears, doubts, and insecurities that prevented me from achieving the things I wanted to.

Reza has allowed me to dig deep within my own psyche and background to understand the conscious and subconscious motivations behind my actions.

With this new appreciation for how to approach life, I show up everyday with much more confidence, purpose, and awareness. Our time together has enabled me to reach completely new levels in my professional and personal life.”

Anthony McGuire
Editor-in-Chief, Neustreet 

I’ve had the privilege of working with various practitioners, attending retreats, and doing deep self-exploration. However, I have achieved more personal growth and transformation through my work with Reza than through my previous experiences combined.

Since partnering with Reza, I have successfully transitioned into a new career and found my life partner. It is truly invaluable to have someone supportive, trustworthy and someone that helps me identify my blind spots. Through our work together, I’ve become less of a people-pleaser and more committed to honouring my own needs.

I confidently recommend Reza to all those seeking personal growth and transformation. Trust me, working with Reza will be a life-changing experience.

Sebastian Totté
Strategic Partner Manager, Meta


Working with Reza has been a transformative experience. He has a remarkable ability to listen actively and offer thought-provoking questions that challenged me to think more deeply about my life. His coaching has helped me develop a greater sense of self-awareness, clarify my priorities, and take meaningful action towards my goals.

I highly recommend Reza to anyone who is looking for a coach to guide them towards their true path.

Matthieu Breard
Pilot & Entrepreneur, Qatar Airways 

“As the CEO of Figment, a 20 year old digital company, I fully understand the stressors of being in a leadership position. I’ve recently concluded that your mind game isn’t only a piece of the puzzle…it’s everything. Rez has become an ally in this most essential endeavor: being the best version of yourself.

Rez is an extraordinarily empathetic individual, with great insights that can very often simplify a decision process. His results based approach makes him an ideal partner for anyone looking to up their internal and external game. He cares deeply about his clients, and understands the complexities of running a modern business. If you’re thinking about investing in a coach, schedule a conversation. You’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Ricardo Ellstein
Founder & CEO of Figment Mexico

“Reza is a wonderful blessing and very gifted in connecting at a human level and having powerful natural conversations to support exponential growth.

I’m thankful for the wealth of knowledge he shared with me, for his great questions, for his great book recommendations, for his empathy, genuine curiosity and for creating a safe place to talk.”

Karl Wittwer
Systems Engineer, Airbus Space