Reza Taheri - Coach

Write a list of everything

you really want

but haven’t created yet.

Talking with a trusted person that deeply listens to you, that truly hears you, without judgement or suggestions, is quite rare.

Let alone being asked questions that spark insights.

My coaching helps leaders and brilliant people to see
unseen parts of their work and life, while navigating uncertainties and creating a better future.

You don’t need help, but you realize that having an ally on your journey has the potential of being a game changer.

Rez is an extraordinarily empathetic individual, with great insights that can very often simplify a decision process. He cares deeply about his clients, and understands the complexities of running a modern business.”

Ricardo Ellstein
Founder & CEO of Figment Mexico

“I’ve worked with numerous practitioners, gone on retreats, and done deep work, yet I’ve accomplished more with Reza than with those combined experiences.”

Sebastian Totté
Strategic Partner Manager, Meta

“Reza is a wonderful blessing and very gifted in connecting at a human level and having powerful natural conversations to support exponential growth.”

Karl Wittwer
Systems Engineer, Airbus Space 

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