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You have the heart of a champion. You want more, and you won’t settle for less. 

Deep down in your soul, you know that you have more to offer as you’re heading towards greatness. You’re constantly re-calibrating and getting better. Life is an adventure, and you’re going for the full ride.

You realize that asking for help is not your greatest strength, but the smart thing to do. After all, you have solved most of your problems on your own. 

You love to connect, contribute, and you’re good at making people feel good. You know how to please others, better than you know how to please yourself. 

You’re critical of your progress. You have the highest expectations of yourself. You doubt your gifts and compare your inner world with people’s outer worlds.

You’re overworked and underplayed. You hold back from your true feelings and speaking your truth.

Your strong conventional success is also limiting you from your next level of success. You ask yourself: Who can I trust? Where do I go from here? Who can really challenge me?

You desire authentic and meaningful relationships. You know that your people are out there.

There are parts of your existence that don’t bring you joy anymore. You know there’s something else waiting. You want to fly higher. 

You might as well say yes to yourself.

You want clarity on what’s next. You crave permission to be fully you. Unapologetically and unfiltered.

You desire an incredible life.

Perfect. You’re in the right place. 


My name is Reza. I’m a dream maker. I’ll set your heart on fire for you to create what you really want. 

I’m a former Founder that turned into a high-impact coach. I specialize in working with committed and driven individuals like you. 

What most people don’t know about me is that I’m a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser. I’ve burnt out and felt the pain of being conventionally successful while not feeling fulfilled.

It was utterly draining to lose all my motivation while chasing other people’s dreams and expectations. I was tolerating my life. 

I didn’t know how to ask for help.

My learning is that being the nice guy whilst pleasing in the short term has meant that I’ve hidden my true self.

Growing up as an immigrant without my father, there was an overriding sense to fit in. The need to prove that I was worthy. This pattern followed as I moved and lived in six different countries.

My family made and lost $12 million USD in the financial market. The money trauma started at an early age, and my distorted money beliefs followed me until recent years.

I’ve battled with depressing myself, until I started expressing my absolute truth, and by working with various plant medicines and coaches. 

I’ve had everything and I’ve lost everything.

It is through this journey of re-creating and re-inventing myself that I’ve learned how to help my clients to get to the next level. 

My clients include the Strategic Partner Manager of Meta (Facebook), a woman who created her lifelong dream project with me, the Marketing Director of an NFT media company, and serial entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses.

You see, it all starts with courage.

I’ve found mine, are you ready to find yours? 


I invite you to a thinking partnership to create progress towards what’s truly important to you.

Business. Truth. Relationships. Career. Impact. Lifestyle. Health & Wellness. 

I’ll help you step into your greatness by creating a life you love to live.

Schedule a conversation.

We’ll get to know each other and find out how I can best support you throughout your journey. 


As the CEO of Figment, a 20 year old digital company, I fully understand the stressors of being in a leadership position. I’ve recently concluded that your mind game isn’t only a piece of the puzzle…it’s everything. Rez has become an ally in this most essential endeavor: being the best version of yourself.

Rez is an extraordinarily empathetic individual, with great insights that can very often simplify a decision process. His results based approach makes him an ideal partner for anyone looking to up their internal and external game. He cares deeply about his clients, and understands the complexities of running a modern business. If you’re thinking about investing in a coach, schedule a conversation. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Ricardo Ellstein
Founder & CEO of Figment Mexico

“I’ve worked with numerous practitioners, gone on retreats, and done deep work, yet I’ve accomplished more with Reza than with those combined experiences. 

Since working with Reza, I’ve been promoted and found a life partner. It’s great to have someone who supports me, helps me see my blind spots, and above all, whom I can be 100% honest with and trust. 

Nowadays, I’m less of a people pleaser as I’m honouring my own needs. I’ve changed the way I see my world and therefore changed my world. I now recommend Reza to all my friends and coworkers.”

Sebastian Totté
Strategic Partner Manager, Meta (Facebook)

“Reza is a coach who can think fast with you but then slow you down when it matters, so that you can truly get to the heart of what’s really going on, so you can progress on your journey.”


Alisa Manjarrez
Founder of The Happy Cactus 

Reza is a person with a big heart. Very down to earth and has a great passion for helping people. He gives his all in the work he does and is always 100% present.

Caroline Tigerfeldt
Founder of Salong Tigerfeldt, Serial Entrepreneur 

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The greatest investment you’ll ever make is a commitment to your next level of success.

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