I help incredible people create their dream projects

Reza Taheri - Coach

My name is Reza Taheri. I’m a dream maker. I will set your heart on fire for you to create what you really want.

I’m a founder of a brand within a global company that turned into an executive coach. 

My gift is to facilitate conversations that help you create and execute aspirational creations. My mission is to help you create impossible dreams and projects, to create what you really want to contribute to the world. 

What most people don’t know about me is that I’m a recovering perfectionist and a people pleaser. I’ve burnt out and felt the pain of being conventionally successful while not feeling fulfilled.

It was utterly draining to lose all my motivation while chasing other people’s dreams and expectations. I was tolerating my life.

You see, I didn’t know how to ask for help.

My learning is that being the nice guy whilst pleasing in the short term has meant that I’ve hidden my true self.

Growing up as an immigrant without my father, there was an overriding sense to fit in. The need to prove that I was worthy. This pattern followed as I lived in six different countries, including the US, UK, Spain, Sweden, Iran, and Mexico. 

My family made and lost $12 million USD in the financial market. The money trauma started at an early age, and my distorted money beliefs followed me until recent years.

I’ve battled with depressing myself, until I realized I was able to make a choice, and by working with various plant medicines and coaches.

In other words, I’ve had everything, and I’ve lost everything.

It is through this journey of re-creating and re-inventing myself that I’ve learned how to help my clients get to the next level of success in their personal and professional lives.

My clients include the Strategic Partner Manager of Meta, a woman who created her lifelong dream project with me, the Marketing Director of an NFT media company, and serial entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses.

Curious? Let’s have a conversation.